Assuring Software Quality and Performance

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About Us

StarBase provide testing services that ensure 

your software performs and functions the way it is

supposed to. We work for companies in dynamic,

changing environments whose businesses would

be put at risk by software that didn’t work

to specification.




The StarBase contribution was massive. Not just technically, they also demonstrated excellent project management skills. 

- lgor Sidorin, Programme Manager Listed Derivatives

for Business Engineering Deutsche Bank

Our customers say our strengths are in our people, processes and partnerships. We pride

ourselves on our integrity in getting the job done and on the innovative way we address new

challenges. Because we understand the wider implications of IT on the business we focus on

delivering better outcomes by designing better test cases and test scripts and picking the best

tools for the job from leaders in the market place such as HP, IBM (Green Hat) and Spirent.


Our skills, experience, strong project management and local resources combine to deliver a

cost-effective solution whether you require particular testing resources or a fully outsourced service.