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StarBase Drive Performance and Accelerate Delivery

“StarBase has helped turn the EFT Performance Testing engine from Fiat to Ferrari horsepower!” StarBase recently engaged with a client, on a project that had over-run and had missed several key delivery milestones. The existing team was jaded and lacking direction, and the ...

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Will HTTP/2 Solve All Your Performance Woes?

If you rely on the web for business, performance is everything. If your site is not performing or - heaven forbid - marked as SLOW , then you´re going to be losing out on customer revenue and providing a pretty poor customer experience too. Driving improvements in web performance is ...

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Succeeding where others fail, that’s the key

StarBase Test&Go: One of the approaches we adopt to deliver success in Software Performance Testing Jon McAdam, Consultant, StarBase I’ve worked as a Consultant at StarBase for nearly 4 years, in fact I started my career on the Graduate Training Programme. Recently ...

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Will your site be banished for performing too slow?

We all know the frustrations of visiting a website which isn´t up to pace and we often give up and find an alternative, so what if you could identify slow sites before you even visit them?   Sounds good, unless of course you rely on the web for business; could ...

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