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StarBase Test&Go: One of the approaches we adopt to deliver success in Software Performance Testing

Jon McAdam, Consultant, StarBase

I’ve worked as a Consultant at StarBase for nearly 4 years, in fact I started my career on the Graduate Training Programme. Recently I’ve been working on a project for a client who was having major issues with one of their business applications. They’d tried to work out the problems in-house and then took on a sub-contractor to help. However, two months down the line and with no real improvement, and the business rapidly losing patience, 5 Reasons Why StarBase Deliver Excellent Software Performance Testingthey called in StarBase.

Within a few days I’d got to grips with the issue with some support from one of our Technical Authority team who’d come across the issue before. It didn’t take long to identify the problem and enable our client to get a fix in place. It was that I’d managed to help my client and they were naturally relieved too.

As with all my consultancy work, I’m trained to get to know my clients and communicate with them and other stakeholders across the business making sure the reports and updates about the project’s progress are in plain English. I’d built a good working relationship with the company’s IT manager and that really helped the project to run smoothly.

Having left the client site I realised that the kick I get out of my job is all about succeeding where others fail and delivering a smart thought-through solution. It got me thinking about how we do that, what enables me and the team at StarBase to see through the complexity quicker than others?


Our unique approach to projects

I think there are five things that really make the StarBase team and the service we provide stand out:

  1. Depth of experience: My job has allowed me to have some unique experiences as we work with some of the world’s most forward thinking companies. Our clients include banks, international media organisations and world beating motor manufacturers (to name but a few).
  2. Support from colleagues: StarBase consultants draw on the combined knowledge of all our colleagues to help overcome even the most complex project challenges. Our corporate knowledge base helps clients achieve goals which would otherwise have been either impossible of very time consuming.
  3. Staff training and development: I receive regular development and training and am up to date on the latest technologies in a way I couldn’t be if I was working freelance. StarBase have invested in me personally – I’ve been here since graduation and really value the commitment to excellence across the business. For our customers, this translates as access to the most highly trained and skilled, UK based consultants.
  4. Collaboration: I enjoy the fact I’m not just stuck in a backroom, but collaborate with clients onsite. StarBase consultants are all trained to communicate highly technical information in plain English so clients have a better understanding of the project’s progress.
  5. Range of challenges: Performance Testing is anything but repetitive – we face such diverse and unusual challenges every day the role never gets dull. This also benefits our clients – while we apply the same rigorous framework and delivery methods across different fields, we’re equally able to bring in expertise learnt from other businesses.

Experts in our field

My job is rewarding and I’m lucky to work in a team of experts in our field. I think we leave customers with a clear set of results which they can trust and I believe that’s why so many work with us for so long.

Through my work I’ve regularly put our Test&Go Performance Evaluation approach into practice and can attest to its success. I’ve seen it work repeatedly in different circumstances and feel more than happy recommending it to clients. You can find out more about it – and our other services – on our website. As for me, I’m looking forward to my next challenge.

Jon McAdam, Consultant, StarBase

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Posted by:jonathan
Consultant, StarBase
Jon joined StarBase as a graduate in 2011. His main areas of expertise are in using HP performance testing tools such as ALM and LoadRunner, but he also has experience using IBM’s Rational Test Workbench (formerly Green Hat Tester), which he has used when working for high profile clients in sectors including financial services. He has also been involved in research into new testing tools and methodology and has developed training materials for newer recruits to the company.

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