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For consumers, the benefits of exploiting cloud computing provision have been comprehensively documented. Fundamentally, the 'cloud' encapsulates the provision of virtualised application services, explicitly business software and data, which are accessed by the end-user through web browsers, thin clients or mobile applications. Although its perception is ethereal, in practice the ‘cloud’ is tangibly a large assembly of servers, located in dedicated data centres, with effectively unlimited storage capacities. The technology underpinning cloud servicesis still evolving, and as utilisation continues to grow (with Google Apps, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Facebook being prime examples), it is essential that your applications maintain an acceptable level of performance.

With conventional application performance testing, i.e. where the infrastructure and software are hosted within the organisation’s domain, dedicated non-functional environments have to be commissioned and managed locally. These environments often have constraints on scalability and availability. For cloud based testing, where the start-up costs are significantly lower, these environments are a provision of the cloud service provider but that provision is not without its own inherent risks, the lack of visibility and overall control being the most prominent of these.

Even though your business's applications may reside within the 'cloud', you need to ensure that the cloud service provider does not 'sell you short' in terms of processing capacity during times of peak demand. As an organisation, you need to know of any resource and capacity limitations with the provision, especially as these resources are shared with a myriad of other concurrent users of these services. Any significant service issues, such as lengthy outages, will be public knowledge due to the disruption it causes. Moreover, application performance bottlenecks could lead to a degraded service to your customers, and may lead directly to revenue loss and subsequent brand damage.

As performance testing specialists, StarBase can identify cloud-based application performance problems for you. We offer a full performance test of your software utilising a dedicated team of Consultants to identify potential application bottlenecks. Your applications can be load tested via Load Generators which reside either physically on your premises, or in the cloud itself, where load from multiple geographic locations can be emulated.


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