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Alan Moulsdale, Technical Director at StarBase and a thought leader in performance testing, was recently invited to speak at the UKCMG Forum (UK Capacity Management Group), hosted at the impressive Magic Circle, London.

His presentation, borne out of many discussions with our clients, addressed the following ‘Five Challenges Performance Testing Modern Applications’:

  • How can I reduce the complexity and cost of my Test Environment and still test accurately?
  • Now we are Agile I need to ‘shift-left’ my performance testing, but how can I do that when I don’t have an end-to-end application to test?
  • How can I build a test database with a year’s Data in it when I can’t use production data / the application isn’t live yet?
  • How do I assess realistic end user experience in complex and distributed Network hierarchies?
  • Previous Mobile projects have been trivial but this one is business critical, how do I performance test an application that is on a mobile handset?

The presentation and subsequent discussions focused on the growing complexities of modern applications and the challenges faced by performance testing teams when scoping, planning and executing their projects. The presentation certainly resonated with the audience who were keen to understand more about how these challenges could be overcome.

The following illustrates the many pieces of the modern application testing puzzle and is a taster of the presentation which includes an overview of the Five Challenges as well as the solutions the StarBase technical teams have identified to address them. We will be sharing the insight shortly and in the meantime if you have a specific performance testing challenge of your own please do get in touch!

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Previously StarBase has addressed the UKCMG on the subject of ‘Business Performant Application Engineering’, presenting Alan’s view that business applications should not just perform but should be “Performant” i.e. effective, efficient, high-performing, responsive, secure and successful, ensuring they more adequately deliver for the business.

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