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Black Friday for the UK’s Retailers – We all knew it was coming

The new Peak in Town

Tension mounted as all-round the land small groups gathered in anticipation of the bounty that awaited and might soon be theirs to behold!

As final preparations were made and strategies discussed the bell tolled and amid fading cries of “Last orders please!” they were off.

“To the front!, To the front!” Went the cry, as they charged the gates throwing caution and people who’d got there earlier, to the wind.

Meanwhile around the land a second wave of disillusioned citizens long burdened by the yoke of recession began their online attack.

Alas, as fighting reached its peak and they made the final charge, the Portcullis came down and their hopes were dashed – website unavailable.


Tesco’s website crashes on Black Friday traffic

Broken, they retreated into the darkness, leaving scenes of desolation and despair lit briefly, by the flashing blue light.

They had failed in their pursuit of the American dream.

Which was odd really, for Harringay.

The Telegraph have now actually got a page devoted to retail carnage – minute by minute!

Black Friday for the UK’s Retailers – e-commerce performance testing

Unless common sense intervenes it looks like any discussion about performance test requirements with online retailers will essentially boil down to a discussion about what’s going to happen on Black Friday.


Predictable Curry’s website crash on Black Friday

Already in the news, Tesco, Curry’s and John Lewis websites were offline last night.

We all knew it was coming!

The BBC, have explained what Black Friday actually is for the uninitiated



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