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We will help you to win your fight against low quality, poorly performing, software.

StarBase recently used the Iliad T3 Stress/Performance test tool to successfully deliver a business-critical EFT solution for a retail giant based in London.

The Iliad T3 tool supports full end-to-end testing, including Stress and Performance testing, of all components of a payment system, covering all types of point-of-sale (POS) and all message formats supported by the world’s credit card schemes and interchanges.

Iliad are not exactly the new kids on the block, having been around for a number of years, however, Iliad’s T3 testing solution is not yet common knowledge within the testing industry, due largely to it specialising in the highly complex world of payment systems.

It is a tool that StarBase had not used on a major project before. However, using our collective broad IT knowledge and specialist performance testing experience we were soon able to execute existing test scenarios, as well as creating brand new scenarios to fulfil our client’s complex business requirements.

Whilst using the tool StarBase identified that the T3 reporting and analysis functionality was one area that would benefit from some further development, StarBase have developed bespoke test results analysis and reporting templates, as an interim solution, based upon our recent successes working with the T3 tool.

The reporting template allows StarBase to present our client with a tailored view of the test results that satisfies the client’s business needs and requirements.

If you have, or are planning to use, the Iliad T3 testing solution, StarBase can use their knowledge and experience to help you to avoid the major pitfalls and to get the best return on investment for your company.

We will help you to win your fight against low quality, poorly performing, software.


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