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In addition to the 45 functions included with Rational Integration Tester, we’ve built up a library of additional functions that have been useful on projects and for developing our skills using the tool. We used a custom function, the trim tool, when we had to use a regular expression to capture a dynamic value. The function is in the format (where to trim, number of characters to trim, what to trim). An example of this would be (front, 3, %%dynamicResult%%). We can then save this new value out to a tag so that it can be used in a message or other function.

This proved to be very useful in the Regular Expression we had to use recently (see previous post).

Posted by:jonathan
Consultant, StarBase
Jon joined StarBase as a graduate in 2011. His main areas of expertise are in using HP performance testing tools such as ALM and LoadRunner, but he also has experience using IBM’s Rational Test Workbench (formerly Green Hat Tester), which he has used when working for high profile clients in sectors including financial services. He has also been involved in research into new testing tools and methodology and has developed training materials for newer recruits to the company.

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