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HP Discover 2014 in Barcelona

HP Discover 2014 Barcelona

HP Discover 2014 Barcelona

I’m just back from HP Discover 2014 in Barcelona and one important message I took from HP Software, in both their public statements and NDA sessions, is that they are simplifying their Application Lifecycle Manangement (ALM) portfolio to get it embedded in Agile teams and DevOps.

HP are being really smart here – Developers may not think the HP tools are cool, and will have resisted any corporate push to use them by saying “they don’t do what I need” or “they will slow me down” or “I can’t use them from within my IDE like I can with xxxx”.

HP’s answer is to make their tools simpler, leaner and give them the ability to co-exist and integrate with the Developers’ tools. They have already done this with HP Agile Manager, HP Sprinter, HP Mobile Center and HP StormRunner Load, and they have got major plans for HP UFT, HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center.

This is where HP’s smartness shows – by removing their gripes the only retort the Developers have is “I don’t like the tool/HP”. That argument will be pretty thin when put up against the impressive corporate benefits of HP ALM, including improved quality, faster delivery, cost savings, cross-project reporting and full traceability across the software development lifecycle (SDLC).


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And in the near future ALM will harness the power of Big Data and give your business “Actionable Insights across the Lifecycle”. HP are already using Predictive ALM in their labs, and at Discover Barcelona they showed how Predictive ALM can:

  • Predict if the release will complete on time or if it will be late
  • Predict if the code a Developer is checking in will break the build
  • Predict which tests to run based on which code is committed
  • Predict the overall quality of release

But that’s not all. By leveraging big data technology and information from ALM, PPM, ALI, etc., Predictive ALM can recommend the right test coverage, the right level of automation, prioritise fixes and identify required resourcing changes/balancing to achieve improvements in quality, delivery and timescales across your project portfolio.

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HP were being typically vague about when we can expect Predictive ALM to be available, and I tend to feel that we will be looking towards the end of 2015 before it goes on general release. The supporting tools, however, are already available or will be coming over the next few months.


Alan Moulsdale, Technical Director, StarBase

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Technical Director, StarBase
Alan has worked for StarBase since 1997. He now has responsibility for identifying and formulating new products, services and solutions; and for evangelising StarBase’s solutions to existing and prospective clients. Alan architected StarBase’s Performance Testing Methodology. In addition to this being the foundation of many successful StarBase client projects, elements have also been adopted by blue chip organisations including companies in the financial sector and leading system integration specialists.

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