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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a very powerful and versatile ERP system, but it can slow down, and when it does you may struggle to identify why.

Common causes of underperformance are custom functionality you’ve had written, integrations of AX with other core systems, excess user and transaction load, but there are also many other factors. Unpicking which of these it is and whose responsibility it is to fix it is often very challenging.

StarBase, the specialist in Performance Engineering for Dynamics AX, has created the RAPID® AX Transaction Profiler, a powerful tool that enables rapid identification of the sources of poor performance.


Providing vital information on performance

A client with a large Dynamics AX implementation found that it was taking over 30 seconds to run the Accounts Payable Edit Invoice action. Neither they nor their AX partner could work out why. Frustration was mounting among their business stakeholders.

Built on techniques developed in over 20 years of testing ERP systems, StarBase’s RAPID AX Transaction Profiler transforms the AX system trace reports into actionable information. It provides a dashboard view of the transaction and the elements that impact performance:



And it breaks out sequentially the individual components of the transaction and their run-times so that there is no doubt as to where the cause lies.



Armed with this information, it was clear where to focus remedial attention. StarBase worked with the client, its AX partner, and with Microsoft to resolve each of the areas of significant underperformance.

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Posted by:alan
Technical Director, StarBase
Alan has worked for StarBase since 1997. He now has responsibility for identifying and formulating new products, services and solutions; and for evangelising StarBase’s solutions to existing and prospective clients. Alan architected StarBase’s Performance Testing Methodology. In addition to this being the foundation of many successful StarBase client projects, elements have also been adopted by blue chip organisations including companies in the financial sector and leading system integration specialists.

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