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We put people into a range of stretching projects, some outside their comfort zone, nevertheless supported by management and colleagues and measured with feedback from peers, leaders and clients. In addition each consultant is assigned a more senior Mentor who also reviews their progress.

Our people have regular review meetings that record what went well and what they want to improve, covering every aspect of a project or their work. Peer and Team Lead Feedback is sought on three development areas; technical, work delivery and client engagement skills. These regular reviews help to consolidate learning and propose next steps in their action plan and objectives.

We believe that development is an on-going process and have found that learning technical skills is easier than developing personal skills – we like a challenge! New habits are publicly recognised and rewarded through our incentive schemes, newsletters and client feedback scores.


The Outcomes (ROI)

StarBase has an enviable reputation, our clients have high expectations of a StarBase Consultant. They know they’ll engage with someone who can handle most challenges and if they come across a problem they haven’t seen before they’ll reach back into the collective knowledge of StarBase to get a solution fast and above all, the StarBase Performance Test Consultant will add value at every stage of the engagement.

As a specialist consultancy we rely upon our reputation to support our efforts to keep and win clients, in turn our clients expect us to deliver in line with our reputation – it’s a win win position.


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