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New Noise Testing Feature of the New LoadRunner 12.02

In my last blog article, HP LoadRunner 12.02 – First Look at the New Features, I said that the new Noise Testing feature available in the new HP LoadRunner 12.02 release was somewhat disappointing. In fact I went on to say that I thought it was a largely pointless enhancement, and that HP should have used their development time on useful features.

Well, Shane Evans (@ShaneEvansLR) of HP has been in touch and it looks like I may have been a little harsh on this feature.

The point I was making was that as it is so easy to record a single URL in VuGen, why would HP spend development time adding this as a feature.

What I now know from Shane is HP are positioning Noise Testing to cater for the situation in many applications where 85% of users just hit the homepage and don’t do anything useful i.e. they are just background noise.

The good thing, and something that wasn’t clear from the release information, is that recreating this noise will effectively be ‘free’, i.e. no virtual user license will be consumed – thus allowing the full license to be used for the actual business processes you want to test.

Setting up Noise Testing couldn’t be simpler – add a new group in LoadRunner and select the ‘Use a Noise Generator…’ option, the specify the URL and the number of vusers.

HP LoadRunner 12.02 Moise Generator

HP LoadRunner 12-02 Noise Generator image

When you run the performance test scenario each noise generator vuser will hit the URL as frequently as it can. If you want to change the pace of how often the URL is hit you can do this via the pacing options in the runtime settings.

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So, based on the fact you can generate this background noise simply, and without using up your virtual user license, I am revising my opinion of Noise Testing from ‘largely pointless’ to ‘a good addition that demonstrates HP’s determination to make its LoadRunner technology the performance testing tool of choice’.

Alan Moulsdale, Technical Director, StarBase

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Technical Director, StarBase
Alan has worked for StarBase since 1997. He now has responsibility for identifying and formulating new products, services and solutions; and for evangelising StarBase’s solutions to existing and prospective clients. Alan architected StarBase’s Performance Testing Methodology. In addition to this being the foundation of many successful StarBase client projects, elements have also been adopted by blue chip organisations including companies in the financial sector and leading system integration specialists.

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