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Many of us struggled with the Olympic websites during the games, ticketing for example was chaos, live monitoring revealed that just under 30% of the 2000 benchmark tests exceeded response times of 10 seconds, and almost 7% of the tests exceeded an astonishing 20 seconds – there were even some reported times of 40 seconds! The most responsive website was Transport for London -congratulations; the average load time was just under 3 seconds. However, most negative press coverage on the subject was lost in the overwhelming praise for the games and the organisers – Lord Coe for King!

If the web performance delivered for the Olympics sites was replicated in a live eCommerce business environment as opposed to a one off sporting event, the results would be catastrophic, and for many organisations a lack of proper and fit for purpose performance testing regimes has resulted in rather less celebratory headlines and massive losses in both financial and reputational terms.

Here are some “best performer” response times, if you’re not in this league perhaps you’re losing business!


Tesco UK 1.603
Apple UK 1.989
Shopzilla UK 2.002
BizRate 2.567
Homebase 2.691

Thanks to Gomez for the stats.

These figures are based on homepage response times for a few online retail stores. Are your response times as fast as these?

For an eCommerce business, change is the only constant. Adding new functionality to your website, re-platforming, or just planning for a sharp increase in visitor numbers – these all create a risk that your website could crash or stop performing in the way that your customers need. This is where the StarBase Performance Evaluation Service comes into play – a fixed price solution to determine the scalability of your application as well as provide performance benchmarks and demonstrate breaking points.

Would you release a new service, update an application or make system changes without thorough testing?


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Jon joined StarBase as a graduate in 2011. His main areas of expertise are in using HP performance testing tools such as ALM and LoadRunner, but he also has experience using IBM’s Rational Test Workbench (formerly Green Hat Tester), which he has used when working for high profile clients in sectors including financial services.

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