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In my last article I said that HP’s LoadRunner won’t record BPC, well not properly anyway!

SAP have recognised this and have provided a utility that will create the basics of a LoadRunner script. Another tip: the script won’t execute and it will actually crash VuGen 11.5 if you try to save it without editing it first, the edits to be made will be described in the next entry.


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Make sure you get the correct version of the SAP utility, BPC 7 uses a different version than BPC 10 (and BPC 5 seems to use a very simple version – manual coding!). The link to get the BPC 10 version is

The utility is an executable that doesn’t need installing (a good job in our case as all the machines are locked down) but does need an extra component, SharpZipLib, to work, the requirement and the link is in the instructions.

You also need Fiddler as this is what does the actual recording. Tip: If you can’t install it then just unpack it and you can run fiddler.exe without installing it.

You record both the MS Office and the Flash interfaces using Fiddler, as I said earlier a web services LoadRunner recording was close but not close enough to win a prize.

Start Your Fiddler

Start Fiddler and as you manually run your process Fiddler will record the interactions. It’s advisable to use the Fiddler comments section to set your transactions as you go (see the SAP utility documentation) as these will then be included in the generated script with each of the individual commands generating a sub-transaction. They also help you to understand the process, I don’t think you’d ever break a log down into transactions after the fact (If you don’t put transactions in then the conversion utility will create a transaction for each command). One simple interface button can generate a whole host of requests, even a seemingly simple button press may generate 5 or 6 calls.

Save the Fiddler log and run it through the converter, if you got it right then you’ve now got the basics of a LoadRunner script. Tip: You can edit the Fiddler log, the EPM Add-in foibles meant that a subset of my report refresh requests failed as the authentication had been lost.

I just edited the Fiddler to give the report requests an HTTP 200 Ok status as failures are not included in the generated script. You might also need to edit the script to remove the extra commands you’ve recorded as you refresh (Flash) or log back in (Excel).


Keep your Fiddler log as you can then edit it (in Fiddler) and regenerate your script if you need to.

The next entry will cover editing the generated code and avoiding crashing VuGen.


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