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The testing is finished and the client is happy


SAP BPC Performance Testing with LoadRunner

The testing is finished and the client is happy. As well as a good Subject Matter Expert we also had the assistance of a very good SAP VTO (Volume Test Optimisation) Team. The team consisted of 2 people, one looking at BPC itself and one looking at the database server. They are able to log in as an SAP support team and hence have access to everything that SAP provides as well as to internal SAP resources.

Between our team, running the scripts and reporting on the response times, the Subject Matter Expert and the VTO team we were able to tune the application to cut down on the report response times and we got as far as ensuring that none of them timed out and we cut the response times down by about 50 percent over two weeks.

There were some SAP Notes that needed implementing. We also found that whilst they never actually run out the CPU and memory availability levels were getting very low, they’ll need to be increased before the second region goes live but that gives us a number of months to plan it properly. The VTO Database Guru also suggested some extra indexes that he felt would help.

We also found that the transparent “hot” backup that took place at 2400CET was anything but transparent. The service provider is now looking at this but for now the scheduled backup time has been adjusted to be outside the user working hours. There is also a daily consolidation job that needs to be run to ensure that the reports can be run as efficiently as possible. This is taking forty minutes instead of the expected five so that is currently being worked on.

All in all, a very successful test execution phase, we’ve since rerun our main test after the VTO recommendations had been implemented and gained more improvement to the response times, in the region of a 50% improvement in most cases.

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