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Much of the infrastructure underpinning modern systems is message-driven. Applications are highly interdependent and are often not screen-based, so the traditional linear GUI-based approach to testing will not work. Typical challenges in testing message-based applications include:

  • How can I ensure that the plethora of interconnected systems delivering service to my customers function and scale together?
  • How can I test a new application when it interacts with so many internal and external systems?
  • How can I test my new component while systems it needs to interact with are still in development?
  • How can I reduce the cost of provisioning test environments for external systems?

At StarBase we understand that solutions to the above can be daunting, but with careful planning we can provide guidance to help find a solution for you. Have a look at our SOA Functional Testing page to see what we can provide, as well as checking out the relevant documents in our what we know section.

Posted by:jonathan
Consultant, StarBase
Jon joined StarBase as a graduate in 2011. His main areas of expertise are in using HP performance testing tools such as ALM and LoadRunner, but he also has experience using IBM’s Rational Test Workbench (formerly Green Hat Tester), which he has used when working for high profile clients in sectors including financial services. He has also been involved in research into new testing tools and methodology and has developed training materials for newer recruits to the company.

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