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At some time or another we’ve all been caught out by Sod’s Law; key team members going sick at crucial points of project or programme delivery or someone taking holiday at just the wrong time. At StarBase we think we can help dramatically reduce the impact of Sod’s Law on your testing projects or programmes, with our ”” styled Specialists on Demand Service, providing specialist Performance and Automation Consultants at short notice for short durations at great rates.

For the mathematicians amongst us, it’s good to know that you can now predict how likely you are to fall foul of Sod’s Law and it’s interesting to understand what you can do to stack the odds in your favour by applying this simple formula:

*((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10))

The formula looks at five factors relating to any event or action: urgency (U), complexity (C), importance (I), skill (S) and frequency (F). A score of between one and nine is applied to each of these factors, with a 0.7 score for aggravation (A), and then the formula can be used to find a Sod’s Law rating of between zero and ten. The higher the resulting number, the more likely it is that you will fall foul of Sod’s Law. To get your score down you have to change one of the elements of the equation.

As described, by its nature Sod’s Law will strike at highly inconvenient times e.g. just when you need to have your team working at full throttle to meet near impossible deadlines. So consider the benefits of really being able to change one of the key elements in the formula, without putting the project or programme delivery at risk? What if you could rate the skill element as virtually zero, ie you don’t need to worry about replacing the critical hard to find skills of the missing team member(s)?

Clients of StarBase have access at short notice to short term specialist cover by our Test Consultants, to augment existing teams when Sod’s Law strikes. And because it’s short notice and short term work we offer them at great value rates, it’s a WIN-WIN solution, you get the resources you need and we have our Consultants out helping clients.

If you’d like to learn more about our Specialists On Demand Service offering please contact us or call 020 8236 7010

*Thanks to Dr Leysar, Dr Lewis and consultant mathematician Philip Obadya who worked out the formula having studied the experiences of 1,000 Sod’s Law victims


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Service Delivery Manager
Emma Bateman is the Service Delivery Manager, with responsibility for ensuring the efficient and successful delivery of all StarBase projects. Her job entails managing resources, stakeholders and project management; and looking after our consultants. She says the best thing about her job is “working with our fantastic consultants and with clients in different industries”.

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