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As a member of the UKCMG (UK Capacity Management Group) we recently addressed the UKCMG forum hosted at the impressive ‘Magic Circle’ in London. We view events like these as ideal platforms to build and share knowledge so we jumped at the opportunity to participate.

At StarBase we have a view that business applications should not just perform but should be “Performant” (adj. effective, efficient, high-performing, responsive, secure, successful) in this way they more adequately deliver for the business. Capacity & Demand Management are often overlooked by Performance Test Consultancies, however,

in our view they are critical elements to address early on in the lifecycle if one is to deliver Performant applications.

This event was a great opportunity to discuss ‘Business Performant Application Engineering’ with a group of people who have a real vested interest in supporting the delivery of Performant applications. We drew on our depth of experience to evidence the significant business benefits to this approach and judging the by the amount of animated head nodding during the presentation and the number of discussions afterwards when members discussed our approach on a one to one basis I think we created some new fans.

Here is an overview of the issues discussed; we hope you’ll find it a valuable addition to your knowledge of this area. We would welcome your feedback and if you have a specific need or would like to discuss this further please contact us, alternatively please feel free to share with your colleagues if you think it may be of relevance to them.

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