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In our specialist area we think it’s really important to be technically skilled, being able to carry out technical work effectively, use the right tools and deliver up sound results has to be a prerequisite, however, is that it, can clients paying for that technical service sleep comfortably in the knowledge that they’ve covered all the bases and that their cherished results reflect the true picture?

Conversations with our clients and recent evidence of an omnishambles in some pretty large organisations strongly suggests otherwise. Well before we get to actually doing any testing there’s a big piece of work required to decide what to test and how and I reckon that this piece of work needs a much larger range of skills and our clients appear to agree.

The ever increasing complexity of systems and applications demands a much more consultative approach, a preparedness to really question what is being asked and an ability to manage the across client “silos” to deliver robust and valuable results. Conversations with some of our clients and our Performance Testing Consultants about this topic delivered up a top 20 list of skills and behaviours a Performance Testing Consultant should have if they are to add real value to clients past the basic technical piece. Our Consultants work hard to evidence these skills every day.

Do you agree with our list or are there others you think should be added?



Challenge and question

Deliver results

Evidence and leverage expertise


Act with Integrity


Meet deadlines


Problem solver

Quality focused





Excellent Technical skills


Strong interpersonal skills


Search to add value
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Head of Operations, StarBase
Mark Adamson has responsibility for planning and driving continuous improvement in the operation of the business overall, focusing in particular on quality of service and solution delivery to clients. He enjoys working with smart people on interesting, challenging projects which can make a real difference to the success of our clients businesses. He also derives great satisfaction from helping graduate trainees develop into highly effective consultants.

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