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The Financial services sector has attracted media attention in recent months for all the wrong reasons. Software failures have led to angry customers not having access to their money, missing payments and organisations losing customers and millions of pounds as a result.

Certain high profile cases involved NatWest, RBS and Knight Capital. In all instances, it was reported the issues encountered were due to faults within their IT systems. The build-up of ‘technical debt’ (the eventual consequence of poor software development strategy) such as dormant code being left within applications has proven to be detrimental to IT systems, increasing the risk of failures.

The demand to launch new applications to sustain the ever changing Financial services sector, and others appears to be outweighing the need for these systems to be Performance Tested, something that organisations need to take seriously in order to avoid financial losses and brand damage.

At StarBase our Consultants combine excellent technical and consulting skills with market leading software testing tools to rigorously test applications to provide confidence.

This link will take you to an article on the BBC website providing useful background to this issue, click here to read it.




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