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StarBase are already seeing the benefits of service virtualisation in performance testing but sometimes benefits can come from unexpected areas. A recent example was for a project which involved high volumes of inbound messages from a number of interconnected systems. The main issue we faced was the complexity of the data required between these systems which meant the volumes of data we required for performance testing, was going to significantly add to the timeline and add potential risk.

Testing was targeted to understand the performance capabilities of one specific part of the system. The solution was to virtualise several of these connected systems using stubs. This enabled us to add simple data handling capabilities to the stubs which eliminated the data validation which would have occurred if we had used the actual systems. This reduced the amount and variations of data considerably meaning we could concentrate on the key target systems and specific data required. Another benefit of this approach was that the stubs provided consistent performance which enabled us to accurately benchmark the target system without having too factor in the variability of performance from the dependent systems


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