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The Test Manager role is pivotal to the successful on-time delivery of test projects. Test management includes coordinating efforts of the people involved in the testing process, tracking dependencies and relationships among test assets and, most importantly, defining, measuring, and tracking quality goals. Our experience built over 20+ years, has taught us a thing or two about successfully delivering complex and challenging test projects in organisations where failure really isn’t an option.

The following tips can help a test manager to deal with their challenges.

1. Start the testing early by inspecting the requirements against criteria such as whether the requirement is unambiguous and consistent? As with any other test skill, this is a technique that can be learned.

2. A good test manager should recruit a skilled, trusted team to spread the load and allow the test manager to concentrate on the key priorities.

3. Adjust the report metrics to the audience you present. Any report should be clear and easily read by the target audience. Non-technical people such as your project sponsor might be interested only if the project is on track. The project manager, however, will be interested in more details of issues and blockers.

4. A successful test manager needs to build and maintain strong relationships not only within testing but with other IT departments and the broader business stakeholder team. Get to know the ‘go to’ people that make things happen.

5. Keeping your finger on the pulse by re-evaluating where you are in the project is critical and if needed don’t hesitate to change the test approach to accommodate the change in risks and priorities.

6. When faced with a sudden change affecting the project, stay calm and manage the change make sure all the stakeholders are aware of the change and the impact on them.

7. Review your test practices as well as your team’s skill set regularly to make sure they meet the demands of the changing environment.

At StarBase, our consultants are specialists in leading test projects, from the initial critical planning stages through to completion, using our experience driven Delivery Model. The approach we use in test management is highly structured with clearly defined milestones and deliverables which provide clarity and visibility enabling project stakeholders to easily identify the progress in the project lifecycle.





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