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Testing of integration projects has always been complicated by multiple dependencies, such as: deliverables from different teams, systems owned and managed by third parties, and systems that are simply not available in the test environment, either due to expense or complexity.

The historic approach to these complications has been the creation of “stubs”, simulating the part of the system that is not available for testing. “Stubbing” has traditionally been undertaken by developers and requires coding knowledge and specialist skills. This has often resulted in sparsely documented and poorly understood testing environments thatrely on key individuals, and make continuous integration testing unachievable or prohibitively expensive to maintain. Green Hat’s GH VIE (Virtual Integration Environment) changes all of this: testers can now take control of their own
destiny without needing any programming language knowledge, creating virtualized applications in a commonly understood form that can be readily shared and easily updated as underlying systems and data change. Read the full article here…

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Head of Operations, StarBase
Mark Adamson has responsibility for planning and driving continuous improvement in the operation of the business overall, focusing in particular on quality of service and solution delivery to clients. He enjoys working with smart people on interesting, challenging projects which can make a real difference to the success of our clients businesses. He also derives great satisfaction from helping graduate trainees develop into highly effective consultants.

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