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HP released their new version of Application lifecycle Management (ALM) service at the end of last year and I will take a look into some of the updates they made.

One of the biggest changes was an update to allow the integration of external tests with ALM and users can now import external test results into the client. It seems this new feature has stemmed from the growth of automation tests being executed outside of HPE via the very popular testing tools such as Selenium, SoapUI or TestDrive, and it is refreshing to see HP continue their drive towards a ‘remarkable user experience’ they launched with the 12.0 release.

Importing external test results in ALM

In the same manner the release has also seen support in integrating HP’s own lightweight testing solution LeanFT with ALM. You can now run a LeanFT test from the Test Lab module and the corresponding HTML report is stored in the client. It looks like this update is a move to incorporate the modern programming languages like Java or C# with ALM that developers and testers like to script in, which will be a popular decision among many of its customers I feel.

LeanFT run results in ALM

Overall the new release has added to the ongoing ‘shift left’ approach HP has started to take. This allows integrated test execution and reporting from different environments as early as possible in the software delivery lifecycle. This can only have positive benefits for efficient and effective delivery of software products for the long term future.

Find out more about ALM here

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Consultant, StarBase
Jon joined StarBase as a graduate in 2011. His main areas of expertise are in using HP performance testing tools such as ALM and LoadRunner, but he also has experience using IBM’s Rational Test Workbench (formerly Green Hat Tester), which he has used when working for high profile clients in sectors including financial services. He has also been involved in research into new testing tools and methodology and has developed training materials for newer recruits to the company.

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