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We all know the frustrations of visiting a website which isn´t up to pace and we often give up and find an alternative, so what if you could identify slow sites before you even visit them?


Sounds good, unless of course you rely on the web for business; could your site be banished for performing too slow?

Well Google are already working on it. They were spotted as they tested a new ‘Slow’ tag that could be appearing next to search results in the near future.

Recently a Google user spotted some of his search results returning with this red ‘Slow’ icon next to them, and through the power of social media, his single screenshot has got the internet buzzing.example1

Similar events occurred last year as Google tested the Mobile-friendly tag that was then introduced in November, and the similarities have most people feeling confident that we will be seeing this icon appearing in our searches soon.

Some users are relishing in the idea and looking forward to having the tag visible so they can avoid slow websites, which presumably is part of the reason Google are going down this route. However, for businesses this tag could be a game changer. Having the tag could mean users avoid your website, or are more critical of the speed if they do choose to use it, but not having the tag when your competitors do could boost traffic to your site. Do you know which position you would be in if the change happened tomorrow? Uncertainty could be a big risk to take, as no one yet knows how big the impact of this label could be.


Even if your business avoids the ‘Slow’ tag, Google could still be damaging your business based on your performance, as it has been a ranking factor in their search algorithm since 2010 – so you might be lower down the list than you deserve to be!

So what’s the solution?

At StarBase we know more than most about performance testing, we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

We’ve developed a rapid to deploy, fixed price, fixed duration performance testing service called Test&Go, and it’s delivered by our UK-based team. The service delivers clear and concise reports that provide conclusive results and analysis you can trust and rely on when assessing the performance of your site and making your go live decisions.

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Posted by:sarah
Graduate Consultant at StarBase
Sarah Russell is one of the newer faces at StarBase, having joined us as a Graduate Consultant in September 2014. At present her duties include creating scripts used in performance testing to find out how well clients’ systems perform under pressure. She has helped test clients’ websites; and SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Citrix implementations. She also helps to identify requirements and devise testing programmes for clients.

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