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StarBase_Green Hat _Services
Category: Datasheets

Using Green Hat’s suite of testing solutions designed specifically for SOA and integration projects, StarBase can quickly...

StarBase _HP_QC_11_(Starter Edition)_-_System_&_Software_Requirements
Category: Datasheets

StarBase has produced an overview of the system requirements when installing HP Quality Center 11

IBM_Rational Green_Hat_why YOU_should_care
Category: White Papers

StarBase partnering very smart testing tools with very smart Consultants

StarBase Insight_Mobile Application_Performance_Testing
Category: White Papers

StarBase Insight to help understand your Performance Testing needs when Testing Mobile Applications

Category: White Papers

The recent IT issues in several major organisations have resulted in some near catastrophic events

Music Technology Ltd_Case Study_1
Category: Case Studies

Ben Wolff and Andy Dean recently founded Music Technology Limited, developing bespoke products and services...

Category: Case Studies

NME knew that the site had to perform. StarBase identified bottlenecks and was a critical element...

Category: Brochures

StarBase, a specialist in performance testing, has deep experience across a wide range of applications and technologies...