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A demonstration about how HP Sprinter helps improve manual testing procedures

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HP Requirements Management module is a comprehensive, integrated solution for defining, managing, and tracking...

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Create service tests quickly in an intuitive, visual way, allowing you to discover defects at the earliest opportunity.

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An overview of the steps in undertaking performance tests using LoadRunner 11.0

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Manual software testing does not have to be tedious, error prone, or time consuming. HP Sprinter software revolutionizes...

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Companies are increasingly reviewing and adopting Agile methodology as the de facto standard to manage...

Analyst_Report. Magic_Quadrant_for_Integrated_Software_Quality_Suites

Ensuring overall software quality requires a variety of tools to provide an overall picture and to appropriately control risks...

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Now you can automate the functional testing of transactions that span multiple application layers, cutting the cost and...

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Testing challenges for mobile applications. The abundance of handsets available today is great for consumers and the mobile industry...