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There is a trend across the board to accelerate time to revenue. From service providers to equipment manufacturers to enterprises…

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Today’s networks and end clients are transitioning to IPv6 addressing at ever increasing rates...

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Big data has emerged as one of the most visible topics in technology today…

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In today’s hostile computing environment, companies are justifiably concerned about suffering attacks from malicious entities.

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The news is littered with stories of enterprises that have suffered costly downtime and...

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PolicyMatter Ltd is a developer of policy management software for organizations in highly regulated industries such as finance…


Software has expanded its reach to every aspect of our lives; it is no longer relegated to a confined area of deployed applications...

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In this paper, we will discuss the importance of measuring application performance, and explore best practices for...

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This white paper describes HP Sarbanes-Oxley IT Assessment Accelerator, a template of pre-defined information...