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iTrinegy_ Nettwork_Emulators_Overview
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ITrinegy network emulator (INE) products enable you to realistically create a wide verity of network conditions like...

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The Landslide® UMTS Performance Test Application tests UMTS mobility core packet data networks

Category: White Papers

Using mobile applications is much more than a trend these days—it’s a way of life...

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The 4300 Endpoint Test Server interacts with the full suite of Spirent application performance
monitoring probes for…

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The Spirent TestCenter 10G Ethernet HyperMetrics™ mX test module with Cloud Core
processing enables maximum performance

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The Spirent TestCenter Dynamic Protocol Generator (DPG) is a robust engine for the
production, modification

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The Spirent TestCenter3U chassis (SPT-3U) lays the foundation for testing converged multi-service…

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Convergence is creating a new generation of integrated network devices and services that are much more complex than ever before

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Spirent Communications' L2TP VPN/Secure Gateway performance test application is the only test tool that simulates