Assuring Software Quality and Performance

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What We Do - Overview Page

We’re good at what we do

StarBase makes sure that your business applications will

work, we mitigate the risk associated with deploying new

software or where changes have occurred.   We are good

at what we do, our clients say so.



The key points I would make about StarBase's work are that the company's thorough approach was exemplary, and the people on site were of the highest quality. They integrated with the team and understood the problem from our perspective, rather than imposing their views. That approach is very refreshing.  

- Retail Sector





Deep skill and experience in Performance Testing

We have a particular focus on, and deep skills and experience in, performance testing and have

been pioneering for the last 15 years.   With the increased focus on SOA and message based

applications we are once again pioneering in this “technical testing” space.


We have a deep understanding of the wider issues and implications of software performance and

functionality and the processes around testing which make everything work well together.


We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises, and we go out of our way to add value to our

clients through our knowledge based consulting, thorough processes and project management

skills. Our long experience, in-depth expertise and ability to see beyond the narrow boundaries of

software testing enables us to add significant value throughout a project.


We understand that you have difficult issues and problems to solve, different time constraints

and budgets to manage and different business objectives to meet. So we have tailored our

services so we can offer our StarBase solutions or a bespoke solution custom made to

fit what you need.


Whether this is an individual consultant, whole project teams, or a complete outsource of your

testing functions with managed and monitored service based outcomes.