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StarBase and HP

StarBase is proud to partner with HP Software, the industry leader in software testing tools. As specialists in HP’s broad range of Application Lifecycle Management and testing tools, we make it easy for you to choose and buy the right HP testing solution for your needs.In addition, we can help ensure you acquire the tools using the most appropriate mechanism for your organisation, including: outright purchase, rental, SaaS and finance.

The HP Software Application Lifecycle Development tools revolve around Application Development Lifecycle Management (whether you prefer an Agile, Waterfall or hybrid approach to Application Development) providing the project control and management with Release Management, Requirements gathering, Manual Test recording and execution control, all backed up by extensive Defect Management.

HP ADLM then extends to support both third party extensions and to extend support for the SDLC with support for Automated Testing at both Functional and Performance levels , Application execution diagnostics, Project and Portfolio Management, Network and Service Virtualisation and Applications Security.

Why Choose StarBase?

  • StarBase is a HP Gold Partner and has been working with HP tools for nearly 20 years
  • StarBase provides specialist advice to guide you to the best or most appropriate tools for your needs
  • We have significant experience of the leading HP testing tools and have provided technical input into the development of some of these tools.



HP Virtualization solutions solves two problems. How do you test when you don't have a fully working application environment? How will my application perform across the network when you don't have the network available to you? Both will help you shorten the time to deliver applications, save money and deliver better results.

Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization

How do you test your application end-to-end when one end belongs to one of your partners or is still under development? The answer is Service Virtualization.

HP’s Service Virtualization software allows you to easily create simulations of application behaviour. You can keep to your development and testing schedule - even when you can’t develop or test the real versions of applications, dependent systems, and services.

With HP Service Virtualization, StarBase can help you to model the functional network and performance behaviour of your virtual services by using step-by-step wizards to create virtual versions of services that behave just as they would in production.

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HP Network Virtualization

HP Network Virtualization

HP Network Virtualization delivers software testing that helps you release high-quality apps without performance incidents by accurately testing and optimising application performance for mobile, web, and cloud network deployments.

It will discover and capture network conditions including latency, bandwidth, packet loss, and jitter; emulate production environments using real-world network conditions, and deliver accurate and repeatable results.

The tool also analyses results and automates code-level optimization recommendations to mitigate the risk of production incidents. The VuGen Analytics feature provides recommendations to improve performance such as reducing image sizes and repeat downloads.

Network Virtualization can be run standalone or as part of HP Mobile Center, HP Performance Center or HP LoadRunner giving the ability to test the performance of your applications around the world from a single test lab.

As well as ensuring more accurate and more repeatable results, you also gain the ability to test multiple different scenarios within the same environment, capturing metrics from real-world network conditions taken from a library of seven million location-based configurations – check the performance of your mobile app as if users were actually in New York, Paris and London as well as on your local network. If the location isn’t in the library then an agent is available for you to measure the conditions in any location you can access.

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