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Assurance and Optimisation

StarBase provides testing and quality assurance services and solutions that take the risk out of deploying IT solutions. Thanks to our input, our clients know they can rely upon their technology. Our consulting skills, technical knowledge and proven methodologies mean we can deliver assurance and optimisation solutions more efficiently, effectively and with a higher ROI.


Microsoft Dynamics AX

Specialist Quality Assurance for Dynamics AX to speed up delivery, mitigate its risk and bring down its cost

Why test Dynamics AX?

Dynamics AX, like any ERP system, can slow down or fail when customisation is introduced or when it's being scaled up. AX Partners only test up to a certain point: after that, it is up to you as the programme owner to ensure that the overall system delivers

Why StarBase?

We have tested the largest and most complex AX programmes; we've built an arsenal of IP, experience and know-how in the testing of AX enabling you to:

Rapidly resolve sources of underperforming AX

In any implementation above a certain size or complexity level, Dynamics AX is prone to running slowly. We have built a proprietary tool set that exposes exactly where delays are occurring, saving weeks of time and cost on their resolution.

Automate to replace costly manual regression testing

Would you like to be able to quickly re-test all of your existing AX functionality every time you bring a release or update live? We have automated end-to-end regression testing so that it takes hours rather than days and slashes the associated cost.

Prove that your AX system will scale without slowing down or failing

Scaling up always exposes and magnifies performance weaknesses, whether they're in custom-written code, interfaces to other systems or in AX itself. Using IP we've created specifically for testing Dynamics AX, we can give you a clear view as to whether your system will scale safely.

Be confident that your testing strategy is suitably designed and delivered

The acceptance of any ERP system requires careful planning and management. We provide test strategy, governance, methodologies and management. Working with your internal team and your AX Partner, we ensure that you get the quality you need.


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