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Assurance and Optimisation

StarBase provides testing and quality assurance services and solutions that take the risk out of deploying IT solutions. Thanks to our input, our clients know they can rely upon their technology. Our consulting skills, technical knowledge and proven methodologies mean we can deliver assurance and optimisation solutions more efficiently, effectively and with a higher ROI.



Assuring success in your SAP project

The way you test SAP will have a significant impact on the duration, cost and success of your SAP project. We have been testing SAP for over a decade and have built services designed to improve efficiency, effectiveness and ROI of testing.

Services available for testing SAP include:

Upgrade Impact Analysis - Our team will assess the impact of your next upgrade, review what has changed, and provide clear guidance on what needs to be tested.  

Test Programme Management - StarBase can manage your entire SAP test programme, providing design and delivery of effective testing strategies to ensure your upgrade or implementation delivers the benefits the business needs.

UAT Management - StarBase have years of experience in UAT management, providing independence, significant experience and technical skills. Our team can implement the structure, focus, transparency and momentum to ensure your UAT activity is successfully managed.

Automation - Reducing the time and cost of testing, producing faster results for our clients and greater test coverage.

Accelerators - reduce the cost and time of testing complex ERP implementations, compared to manual and automated testing, whilst ensuring high productivity, test coverage and quality.

Performance Testing - Ensuring scalability as demands on the platform grow and user numbers increase - giving you confidence that your technology will perform at peak load and volumes.

Performance Engineering & Optimisation - We help you design performance into your applications, assess performance throughout development and provide you with the assurance you need to go live. If you have already gone live, we can resolve any existing performance issues you may be experiencing, as well as assess the live system to see where performance improvements can be made by pinpointing the areas affecting poor performance.

Cloud Migration Testing & Optimisation - Testing and assurance services that give organisations migrating applications to the cloud confidence that your cloud provider is giving you the performance you are paying for and that it will be sufficient to support the business today and in the future.